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After I open the refrigerator door, the light comes on, and I ask myself "How far are you going to go with this situation?

" I twist off the beer cap, take a few swallows, then return to the living room and sit down next to my son.

" Andy immediately says "I promise you Mom that I will never tell anybody! They just want to come over and look at you swimming in the pool so they can go home and masturbate while thinking of your image." I snuff out my cigarette and say to my son "Andy, lets see if that cock of yours will fit inside me." I stand up, then turn around and straddle him on the couch.

" I finish off my second beer, then light up another cigarette and say to him "Do your friends really think I am sexy in my bikini? My knees push down on the cushions as I face him and start lowering myself down.

Oh my God, my fingers won't even go about half the way around it!

" I take the two beers back to the living room, hand one to Andy, then sit down next to him and pop mine open.

Andy is anxious for my opinion and says "Mom, do you think my cock is bigger than normal?

My girl friends tell me that can't even put their fingers around it.

" Andy immediately replies "Mom, the only way I will know if my cock is too big, is if you straddle me on the couch, and lower yourself down on it. " I am getting very nervous, and need another beer.

I get up from the couch and say "I am going to get myself another beer, do you want one? Get me one please, then come back over here and walk around naked in front of me while you smoke your cigarette. I can't wait to have my cock inside you for the first time!

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