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From beginning to present day, Marja’s story is compelling, to say the least. I was raised in Mc Lean/Falls Church, Virginia right outside of Washington D. Did you ever experience any identity issues while growing up? We didn’t really talk about me being adopted because I looked like my parents and family.We were able to talk with Marja this past June, just after Where and when were you born? My parents are African-American and my mother is very fair-skinned and almost looked Asian at times too.I went completely militant and was reading about Malcolm X for the first time and all these famous African-Americans and I felt a sense of pride and that I finally belonged somewhere. I think every kid whether adopted, not adopted, mixed or not mixed, you just go through the craziness of being a teenager. Prior to working on Kimchi Chronicles, had you been to Korea before? She was picking out this outfit for me to go to my new family in.She dropped me off and told me that I was going to go live with my dad in America and told me to make sure to look for her when I get big.After that my producer, Eric Rhee, who is Korean American, had always had a dream to do a show on Korea.

My brother didn’t even know about it until much later. In terms of identity, I really didn’t acknowledge the Korean side because I couldn’t really without getting into this big, deep story.He explained to her how I was doing and showed her pictures of me and that I had started pre-school.After that initial shock, she felt content with the knowledge that I was okay.I gave them all the information I had and I talked to them for about 20 minutes on the phone and three months later I received a call from them telling me that she was in Brooklyn.So, you had no idea that she was actually in America?

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Although the series is primarily focused on Korean cuisine and culture, it also intertwines Marja’s personal story. He left my mother when she was seven months pregnant with me, so he never saw me. My brother is also Korean/African-American but with different biological parents. I went to a predominantly white school with a small amount of Asian and Black kids, so there wasn’t much mixture there.

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