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This can be checked with the "rb as spellfull" command which will list the extended information about all your spells.Once you have 0 casts left until level you can level up that spell.

These items are actually more closely related to normal equipment as you can only have so many equipped (3 at most) and you can't have two of the same type equipped.This generally increases their power or buff length.To increase a spell level you need to cast it a certain number of times.As you gain levels you will be rewarded skill points to spend these skill points use the command "rb ias 'stat' 'amount'".Possible stat upgrades inclue AP (Attack Power), DP (Defense Power), MAP (Magic Attack Power), and MDP (Magic Defense Power).

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After you gain some levels you can increase your stat points (Check your level with "rb as level"). You can increase AP (attack power), DP (defense power), MAP (magic attack power), MDP (magic defense power) using the command "rb ias (stat abbreviation) (amount)" for example: "rb ias ap 1" would put 1 stat point into attack power.

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