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Anime is notorious for not paying too well so it can't really last forever.

Games and western animation are where the money and sustainability are at when you're a voice actor. Lowenthal/status/947198382111690753 And it was cool he got to appear in the spider-man show but I`m really more excited he`s going to be spider-man again in the new ps4 exclusive coming out this year. Barnaby Brooks Jr.(Tiger & Bunny) Also while I hate the direction they took with Sasuke in the later parts of Naruto, Yuri did a damn good job playing him. E Gax(From Ben 10 reboot)My top ten favorite roles of Yuri Lowenthal are 1. Not necessarily because of the actor, but I suppose as an addition to a good audition. Love his work as Yosuke in Persona 4, he nailed Yosuke's youthful, clumsy, yet good-hearted character. One of the best dubs ever made, & in heavy part to his work.

I mean hate insomniac has kept him on a strict nda till now. Mia Notter/status/913419393450876928 Happy bday Top 3 Yuri Lowenthal roles: 1. My Favorite Characters he Voices are: Beck from Mighty no 9(YES, I ACTUALLY Liked that game, so DON'T COMPLAIN That I'm not gonna follow the Blind Hatedom it has) Teenage Ben Tennyson from Alien Force-Omniverse Albedo(Alien Force through Omniverse) Sir Galleth(sly Cooper) Cross from Xenoblade Chronicles X Eagle(from Space Racers) Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates Dromus/Gen from Tenkai Knights Rubirules from T. I also love his work as Simon, Ben Tennyson, Sasuke, Sunset Overdrive's Player Character, Suzaku, and Matt Miller. His understanding of the Japanese (& French, & German) languages is such a boon to him & you can really tell how well he understands & feels consistent with the original-language performances. One of my favorite personal VA's, usually recognizable in his youthful, cool, friendly voice. I also loved his work as Shingen, Bobby Drake, Crawler (Bioshock 2), Makoto, Karl Neumann, & Spiderman.

It's very kind of him to return from time to time to reprise old roles, although it's a bit sad he can't really seek out many new dubs. I don't know how much more props I can give the guy. I also liked Yuri Lowenthal as Yosuke Hanamura, Simon, Ben Tennyson, Wonder White, Matt Miller, Marth, Prince, Jinnosuke/Kuma, Keigo Asano, Bedman, Pip Bernadotte, Shinra Kishitani, Alviss, Alucard, Cecil Harvey, Glacius, and Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Another favourite is Alucard from the Castlevania series. And while I wasn't a big fan of his Corrin (because IMO it sounds a tad too "badass" and only focuses on the heroic aspect of his character) he basically uses the same kind of voice for Eliwood. Eliwood's one of my favourite Lords in the series so I'm glad Yuri Lowenthal did such a great job with him!

from what i`ve seen of the promos not only I`m sure the game will be good but Yuri will deliver an excellent performance as Spidey. He's got a really cool voice and he's a great actor who imbues a lot of emotion and personality into his roles. Saw Dark Knight Returns recently (*amazing* film) & his work throughout was fantastic, total Sasuke/Haseo there.

Easily one of the most talented VAs in the industry. I was also surprised at looking back & discovering he voiced several characters from my late childhood - young Superman, Prince of Persia, Jinnosuke/Kuma, Haseo, & Keigo Asano.

The anime fans always talk at length at how Troy Baker has basically vanished from the anime scene, and other VAs such as Travis Willingham have significantly diminished presences, but it seems to be overlooked that Yuri Lowenthal's anime presence has diminished quite massively lately, possibly even to the point where he seems to have almost completely disappeared from the anime scene as well, and could end up like Troy Baker soon enough.

That said, Yuri Lowenthal is an awesome voice actor and he's done great voice work with many characters such as Sasuke, Yosuke, and Suzaku, and he's done great voice work in a whole lot of games such as Fallout and Spider-Man, and I hope to see him more in upcoming [email protected] Is The Best It's understandable.

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Especially in thise emotional moments that this game has! I would be REALLY interested in him doing a performance in Full Japanese....... Just wanted to note that it seems this guy's presence in anime has diminished considerably in recent years.

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