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As they had been seen wearing couple rings on their right hands, rumours had been circulating among fans about their relationship.

, or “pictures of the floating world,” is the term used for prints and paintings that portray everyday domestic activities, famous beauties, courtesans, actors, and other scenes and portraits of ordinary life during the Tokugawa Shogunate of the Edo period (1615-1868).

Well, you can check out the dashboard above, which shows that “Ur Hawt” was the top opener with a 68% response rate. Finally, we encourage you to give Splunk a try with your own data sources.

The Library’s collection originated in a 1901 gift of 1,763 prints from Charles Stewart Smith, a New Yorker who had made his fortune in dry goods and textiles.

Smith had obtained the prints during an 1892 trip to the Far East from author and collector Captain Frank Brinkley, an English journalist, mathematician, and military adviser living in Japan.

Most people think of Splunk as software for IT, business, or security use cases.

Last year at our annual user conference, .conf2017, we shared a use case that's a little more obscure.

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Along the way, we found other insights that would optimize our ability to find the perfect match (and had a lot of fun, too! For our experiment, we used Bumble as a platform because it requires females to make the first move.

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