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Photo/Video Services: From tourism boards, to adventure companies, to campgrounds, we create experiential and promotional videos and photographs for their needs.This has been our main source of income while traveling full-time on the road.The first time we ever turned on that monetize button was on our Camping at Wal-Mart Video.Even still, making money writing/blogging/vlogging on our own site can be incredibly hit or miss.So, it really blew our minds when other people started tuning in and joining in on the conversations.

GWTW Website: When we started Gone With The Wynns it was our way to share the journey with friends and family.

I feel like the first thing I should say is that neither of us come from rich families or are independently wealthy (which is always the first assumption). We’re simply hard working entrepreneurs who are not afraid of a little risk.

People looking for excuses not to live their dreams (obviously not you, or you wouldn’t be here) don’t like to hear this but here it goes: You don’t have to be rich to live like you are. Considering I am sort of interviewing myself, I may write in 3rd person or 1st person.

We know people in our industry that really love the editing portion much more than the capturing…so its all personal preference. But that would cause our pricing to go up a lot as well and then we wouldn’t be the affordable choice anymore.

Some days we go right for the computer as soon as we wake up (around 7am), we may never make it out of our pj’s and once we are officially cross eyed, we will finally shut everything down (around 11pm) and go to bed promising ourselves tomorrow we’re going to get out and exercise!

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To us it proves, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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