Netflix instant queue not updating

), that method of "forcing an update" stopped working.However, I've still found a method that does appear to consistently "force an update" of the queue.You can usually add an instant play title to your regular queue indicating that you want a live DVD as opposed to just having it available to play instantly.So, this being said, I don't think the PLAY button in the regular queue was just a one time event.

If people think that the router is blocking packets, one fix may be to put the Roku IP address in the DMZ of the router.I don't know if that's what other people in this thread have experienced, but I thought I should throw it out there. When you go to your Netflix queue page, it defaults to your DVD queue.(Emphasis added since that is what I'll be responding to.) Netflix didn't use to have an "Instant" queue.As far as I am aware, that behavior has existed since Netflix had finished populating the "Instant Queue" from the master "DVD Queue".I know for sure that behavior has existed from when I ordered my Box because I went through the descriptions of most of the movies that landed in my Instant Queue to see if there were extras on the DVD (a pain if you don't realize that if get to the description from the Instant queue you don't see the DVD extra features, but you do if you had gotten there by clicking on the title in the DVD Queue) and then decide which queue to leave the movie in.

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And even after receiving the box, in some cases I had a disc in both queues, viewed the movie on the Roku box, rated it, deleted it, and the movie would still be in the DVD queue, but rated, so I had to decide if I wanted the disc (e.g., for the extras) or just delete it out of the DVD queue since I had already deleted it out of the Instant queue via the Roku box.

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