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It turns out that Mehrabian was actually not studying nonverbal communication at all, but rather words and their relative contribution to meaning.He found that how a word was spoken including, its pitch and tone, rather than the word itself, mattered most.

Despite initial observations, the study of nonverbal communication is very much a modern field of study.

Work continued more rapidly in the mid 1960’s with Michael Argyle, Janet Dean Fodor and Ralph Exline.

Eckhard Hess conducted several studies in the 1960’s and 70’s on pupil dilation and concluded that eyes play an important role in signaling like and dislike passively.

In the 1970’s Julius Fast’s produced a popular book by the title “Body Language” which focused on the practical aspects of body language to attract and influence other people.

Gerard Nierenberg wrote about nonverbal behaviour in negotiations and produced “How to Read a Person Like a Book.” These early pioneers into nonverbal communication opened the door for modern scientists from various fields to fill the necessary gaps in our understanding.

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