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Since 2005, he’s written the uber-opinionated, fair-but-dangerously unbalanced opinion blog "Attytood," covering a range of topics (but mostly politics and the media these days); it’s been named best blog in the state by the Associated Press Managing Editors and best blog in the city by Philadelphia Magazine.

He’s also authored three full-length books and three Amazon Kindle Single e-books, including 2015’s The Bern Identity: A Search for Bernie Sanders and the New American Dream.

You need an advanced degree to scout the offerings in your area.

States do little to publicize their waivers and discounts for seniors, and there’s no website that will give you all the answers.

Qigong literally means to exercise/nurture one’s vital energy; it is a mind/body/spirit integrative practice,” Dr. “Tai chi is actually one kind of qigong exercise: other fundamental qigong exercises (such as sitting and standing meditation) are essential components of traditional taiji training.” Tai chi can also include two-person response drills, called tuishou, where each partner pushes the other’s hands; and sometimes also faster movements akin to dancing.

“Tai chi can not only reduce stress and depression, but also relieve pain, build strength, and improve cognitive function, perhaps even delaying dementia” says Peter M.

The accumulation of this and other evidence has prompted the National Parkinson’s Foundation to endorse tai chi.

(Click here to read more about this study.) A number of studies indicate tai chi can benefit the heart.

Will Bunch has worked at the Daily News for 20-plus years and is now senior writer.One small study showed that seniors had a better immune reaction to flu vaccine after learning tai chi, says Dr. Yang, who works with cancer patients at the Integrative Medicine Center of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.In addition to reducing pain, it improves sleep, he adds. Yang, tai chi also significantly increases core strength, which is important for improving balance, and enhances our ability to use information from the inner ear that is a key aspect of maintaining balance. Wayne has begun a small pilot study at Harvard-affiliated hospitals among early-stage Parkinson’s patients to see whether tai chi can help slow the loss of mobility and cognitive function.Prior to coming to Philadelphia, he worked at New York Newsday, where he was part of a team that won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for spot news reporting. In fact, the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene recently conducted a study that found adults over 65 who had lowest fitness levels improved the most by doing tai chi twice a week.

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Several schools only offer these benefits on a space-available basis, occasionally requiring permission of course instructors.

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