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We alerted [redacted] to the possibility for such a delay by writing an addendum right into the special notes section of her contract (please see attached).

We have every intention, now that her membership is paid in full, to fulfill our contractual obligation for the remaining four introductions.

We provided [redacted] with a match on February 6, 2012 and received positive ratings (please see attached).

Since that time, her account was intermittently on and off hold numerous times for falling into arrears.

And since that match was declined, we have been in touch with [redacted] with an alternate match.

In fact, we recently offered [redacted] an introduction, which she declined because of her allergy to cats.

My friend assured me that they had worked with her for over years to have faith. I must have paid the full amount around December of 2013.

This company never called me back for the whole year.

They promptly got back to me with some contacts that were not quite right.

I was introduced to someone and started and stopped dating that person.

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You will be blamed for not being marketable and they will take your money anyway AND send you to collections rather than let the revenue go. Desired Settlement: If options could not have provided me the services after the many complaints that I had, they should have released me from the remaining amount of the contract when they reported me to collections like two years ago at 1195. I had to pay the balance of my contract or lose my job.

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