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They also have a tendency to believe what people say.

Girls, especially, may be very naive when it comes to a boy's attention.

This is just a small part of the answers you will need to successfully survive and thrive with Aspergers.

Some teens might need to be told that touching any private areas in public is a no no; talking about sexual subjects in public is typically also inappropriate but your AS teen may not understand the bounds.

Adolescent males with autism need to be told rules about how you approach girls in an appropriate way so as not to seem like they are stalkers.

Sometimes, caught up in their own enthusiasm and not understanding social rules, teens with AS have been accused of being "creepy" or "bugging" girls, simply because they did not understand how to approach girls in an appropriate way.

A smooth talking boy may start complementing your daughter and giving her the attention that she is craving.

In a situation like this, your daughter may be very susceptible to manipulation. This may lead to early sexual activity or other inappropriate behavior.

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