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is a fictional character, one of the six main characters who appeared in the American sitcom Friends.Portrayed by actress Jennifer Aniston, the character was created by show creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and appeared in each of the show’s 236 episodes during its decade-long run, from its premiere on September 22, 1994 to its finale on May 6, 2004.There is something about them, they’re like the inverses of each other." - Lelio on casting #The Rachels vulture.com/2018/04/the-st…pic.twitter.com/Vdup99s Xq N "Two superb performances from a couple of Rachels [...] Weisz and Mc Adams are perfectly matched here.pic.twitter.com/J83wl Cai0f "An absolutely spectacular Mc Adams [...] A criminally underrated actress, I hope that Mc Adams picks up a nomination for this performance because it is most heartily deserved." - blog.bellabooks.com/2018/04/the-st…Rachel's costars Rachel Weisz and Alessandro Nivola attended the official Academy Screening of #Disobedience hosted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in New York earlier this week.Rachel has a 11-year-old son Henry Aronofsky with director Darren Aronofsky and Craig has a 25-year-old daughter Ella Craig with actress Fiona Loudon. She shared: ‘I couldn’t relate to romantic comedies – marriage seems to be the whole point of them.Rachel [Weisz] revealed her pregnancy in an interview with the New York Times, when the journalist pointed out how glowing she looked.

Named the "Rachel" after her, the character's shag continues to be imitated by millions of women around the world and remains one of the most popular hairstyles in history, in spite of Aniston's own resentment towards it.

Mc Adams on her #Disobedience co-star Rachel Weisz: "I feel like she's always walked to the beat of her own drum and rejected the norm — She's just got such a keen mind that she's looking for the unexpected" lat.ms/2HOGEsq pic.twitter.com/lgtma Ot Xwd "Mc Adams has been wasted for too long as the underwritten love interest in films [...] It’s remarkable what she can do in a film that understands her talents." - washingtoncitypaper.com/arts/film-tv/b…

"I just had this strong feeling that they would have great chemistry.

Craig has a daughter, 25-year-old Ella, from his previous relationship with Fiona Loudon. Weisz and Craig were married in 2011 in a very small ceremony in New York City after dating for a year.

that she and Craig are excited to meet their "little human," but did not reveal the sex of the baby.

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Rachel began her career as an actress in the early 90s, appearing in Inspector Morse, Scarlet and Black, and Advocates II. Her first Hollywood appearance was in Chain Reaction (1996), opposite Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman - and the rest is history.

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