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A suitable event to cover this case is the Cell Validating event which will be triggered when the "pencil" icon is clicked. When the pencil is clicked, save the grid's Current Row, set it to null and then set it back to the saved row.

Try something like the following: seems to contain exactly the same value as the first time it fired.I need to validate the rows, but it seems that removing the Row Validating event is the only way to fix this..PLEASE HELP TIA-Adam I tried this out on the RTM version and didn't have any problems.However, whenever a user types something in to a New Row (as to cause the DGV to create a new row and consider the current row's New Row = false) and then hit escape to cancel the edit, the Data Error exception goes nuts.It keeps spitting out "Index 4 does not exist" in what seems to be an infinite loop. Row Index] in the Row Validating event, it works fine (but obviously doesn't validate like it should).

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Use this event to perform validation on all the values of a row.

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