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As you probably know by now, Woody was recently re-accused of sexually assaulting Dylan Farrow.She wrote a heart-breaking letter describing those alleged crimes in painful detail. Do U think the testimony of Woody's then-underage ex's helps his case?Piers Morgan interviewed the 78-year-old filmmaker's ex-girlfriend Stacey Nelkin on Monday night's show and, believe it or not, she RUSHED to his defense.

And, you know, Woody taught me a lot of things..[just] in the bedroom but, although, there too."Their sex life was 'not particularly' kinky, but still adventurous: "Have you heard of one director who has not has threesomes?

"Stacey said the women who joined them in the bedroom were a good time: "We were all in it together and it was very lovely."As Howard went through Stacey's sexual resume--including Larry King, Treat Williams, Tim Matheson and Rolling Stones bass player, Bill Wyman--Stacey shrugged: "I had a lot of fun in LA...

I was a little loose, I guess."Her kindest words were reserved for Sean Penn ("I liked him a lot but I was not edgy enough for him.") and Warren Beatty: "Warren was great.

You look smart: could you help Ronan to answer to some difficult questions ?


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