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Honestly, I didn’t think these two would make it past January of this year, what with Charlie filling out all of his college applications. Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill leaving Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood (9/12) In case you care, Linda Hogan’s still dating that dude that went to school with her son.

Her only known family is her daughter, Julia, who will be 17 in July..At the time of the scandal, Hogan and Cole’s husband at the time (Bubba) were friends, but Cole testified that it was her husband who told her to sleep with Hogan!The filming of the tape occurred in Bubba’s home but they were unaware they were being filmed in his bedroom.Fans would scream at the top of their lungs holding up homemade posters, waving their t-shirts in the air and holding their hands up to their ears and yelling ‘can you hear me’- Hulk’s signature hand gesture. He put wrestling on the map and paved the way for wrestling’s next great entertainer, the Rock.Hulk Hogan was a staple in the entertainment world and always exhibited a larger than life persona.

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